Received: 19.09.2021; Revised: 28.10.2021, Accepted: 26.11.2021, Published Online: 20.12.2021


1Full – Time Research Scholar, Department of Commerce, College of Science and Humanities, SRM Institute of Science and Technology- Kattankulathur- 603203

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Assistant professor department of commerce, College of Science and

Humanities, SRM Institute of Science and Technology- Kattankulathur- 603203

Email ID: durairad@srmist.edu.in

Abstract: Digital Payment is easy for doing transaction, visually challenged users are also slowly adopting the digital platform, since it is time savings and low cost. The digital payment system is more effective during the pandemic situation. As per RBI guideline all banking service should be offered to visually challenged persons without any discrimination. Since visually impaired users are struggling to get debit card from banks. And they prefer to use Google pay for instead money transfer. Visually impaired users are doing transaction with the help of screen reading application and, in some circumstance, they depending others for initiating transaction so they can’t complete the transaction without the help of third party. Here the financial privacy will be the big question mark for visually challenged users. On the other side Google Pay does not operate any payment system, it does not find a place in the list of authorised payment system operators published by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Google use to share the users’ data to third party for advertisement purpose but these data sharing is mentioned in the terms and conditions of the apps but users giving access to the application without reading the policy and conditions and Google is not responsible for the unauthorised transaction and fraudulent activity and user is giving access to the Google and accepting the policy without reading the conditions. Reading the terms and condition is a big task for a normal sited person then think about the visually impaired person. At the same time Digital payment security threats will be a big challenge for all the users. A digital payment security threat refers to stealing of information, unauthorized transaction, malware attack, and phishing. This study focused on why most of the visually impaired users are preferred google pay and the factors which influence the users trust towards google pay among visually impaired users in Chennai city.

KEY WORDS: Google pay, Digital payment, security threads, user trust and visually impaired users.