Received: 17.09.2021; Revised: 26.10.2021, Accepted: 22.11.2021, Published Online: 14.12.2021

Dr. Gayathribalakrishnan. R

Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Sri Vasavi College, Erode 638 316.

Mail id gayathriramamurthy25@gmail.com

Dr.G.S. Balakrishnan

Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Government Arts College (A), Karur – 639 005, Mail id gsbalki26@gmail.com


Rural marketing is the planning and management of marketing functions in rural locations. It is an effective promotional process that includes the carrying out of business activities that regulate the flow of commodities from urban to rural areas (for manufactured items) and vice versa (for agricultural output), as well as inside rural communities (Gopalaswamy, 2005). The attention is on extending out to rural markets. Urban industries have become oversaturated, causing rural markets to become oversaturated. Rural markets, for example, increased 14.2 percent year on year in the December quarter of 2020 for FMCG makers, whereas top metros rose 0.8 percent year on year in the same era, according to Nielsen’s 2020 December quarter evaluation of the industry.

This study examines rural market challenges and approaches in India. Rural marketing has become the latest business buzzword, with even MNCs pursuing rural markets in order to grab the enormous Indian market. This study is a preliminary step in investigating various studies that should be implemented in rural markets, and this research also attempts to comprehend the current reality of rural markets and their significance, prospects, potential, and challenges or issues that rural marketers confront. This report also includes some unique solutions that can help to stabilize the rural marketing condition. The current picture plainly indicates that the future of rural markets is quite bright, and their size will undoubtedly grow significantly in the next years.