Received: 13.06.2021; Revised: 22.07.2021, Accepted: 15.09.2021, Published Online: 30.09.2021

Mr BK Sahoo

Currently operating as a principal consultant with one of the leading consulting organization. After having graduated from one of the premium business school in india, he has worked on leadership issues in indian.



Ethics plays a vital role in many facets of life in today’s value-based society. The ethical problems in the industry have highlighted concerning the role of standards, management and public confidence in business corporations. The notion of ethical leadership is gaining acceptance and importance at this time. Leaders may have a huge influence on business if they are ethical. In contrast, if ethical leadership is not exercised, it taints the company’s overall image. Ethical leadership should thus become a priority for today’s companies, not just to enhance corporate performance but also to preserve a competitive edge. In today’s business climate it is a need and a weapon for the summit of success. The concept of an ethical direction is not limited to literature; it is a necessity and a means of reaching the highest achievement in today’s business climate. It aims to comprehensively explore and offer a model of successful ethical leadership and performance results, as well as the difficulties, challenges and questions of ethical management. As per literary studies, ethical leadership is largely unexplored, offering the opportunity for researchers and leaders to improve their efficiency.

Keywords: Ethical leadership, Leadership effectiveness, Value-based leadership, Honest, Justice