Received: 13.05.2021; Revised: 09.07.2021, Accepted: 30.07.2021, Published Online: 31.08.2021

Dr .Romita Khurana

Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration,MJP Rohilkhand University,Bareilly


Dr.Priya Singh 

Assistant Professor, Institute of Business Studies, CCS  University,Meerut


Dr. Laxmi R Chauhan

Associate Professor, Graphic Era Hill University


Prof. Pooja Shukla

Associate Professor, Department of Management, Lakshmi Narain College of Technology

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh


Dr. Ankit Goel

Assistant Professor, GNIOT institute of Management Studies, Greater Noida


Mr. Vikas Rajkumar Sharma

Assistant Professor & HoD, Finance, Lala Lajpat Rai Institute of Mgt, Mumbai


Entrepreneurship has been considerd as one of the main driver of the economic growth and its development. Over the years many researchers have conducted lot of studies on this topic, however most of the studies are general and not gender specific .Even though with rapid increase in women entrepreneurship enough importance has not been given to the same.Women entrepreneurship needs to be study as a separate field because of two main reasons.Women entrepreneurs are considerd as vital for economic development as women provide different solutions to managerial problems.Their decision making approach is different than male counterparts which makes a difference to overall performance . Also in the past many years women entrepreneurs has been neglected even though world claims to give equal opportunities to both male and female. Therefore it is the high time now to focus on female entrepreneurship and its related aspects. It has been found that female faces lot of challenges and barriers when compared to male, hence such study can help in .Understanding all the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs .The study aims to determine all the factors that influence female entrepreneurship and  this study will also help in development of female entrepreneurship and will make recommendations on how female entrepreneurs can overcomes all the obstacles and will be able to achieve heights of success.

Keywords : Women entrepreneurship, economic development.