Received: 31.08.2021; Revised: 26.09.2021, Accepted: 08.11.2021, Published Online: 03.12.2021

Mr Muhammad Taufiq Bin Salleh

Lecturer, Lincoln University College Malaysia


Zhang Zhi Qing

MBA Student, Lincoln University College Malaysia


Yu Shuai Feng

MBA Student, Lincoln University College Malaysia


Yang Jincheng

MBA Student, Lincoln University College Malaysia


Cui Ziqi Chen

MBA Student, Lincoln University College Malaysia


Wang Jing

MBA Student, Lincoln University College Malaysia


Technology in the information era has evolved quickly, and the IT industry as a whole has grown rapidly. It has gradually attracted the attention of more IT professionals and gradually introduced advanced and mature project management theory and technology into IT with a view to helping the whole industry achieve greater success, to successfully apply the project management theory and technology in the aviation, aerospace, national defence and construction fields. But despite all that, the reality of IT projects has been everything but positive. Research on IT project failures has taken years. Industry perspectives are becoming consistent: project management practises are more to blame than development technological challenges for failures in IT projects. As a result, it’s become a hot topic for study both in China and abroad to better manage and control the development or implementation process of IT projects based on project management theory and technology.

Due to a lack of technology, capital, talent, and other resources, small and medium-sized IT firms continue to have a high project failure rate. This is especially true when it comes to project management concepts, expertise, and abilities. Accordingly, it is crucial to cut and integrate mature project management theories in a scientifically and reasonably cost-effective manner for small and medium-sized IT companies, and to design a customised and efficient IT project management system for businesses, whether IT is to improve the overall project management level of small and medium-sized IT companies and thus increase the success rate of IT projects..

Keywords: IT Project Management; Project Management System; Project Management Rule; Project Organization