Received: 31.08.2021; Revised: 26.09.2021, Accepted: 08.11.2021, Published Online: 03.12.2021

Dr Law Kian Aun

Lecturer, Lincoln University College Malaysia


Huang Jingyang

MBA Student, Lincoln University College Malaysia


Yin Wuwu

MBA Student, Lincoln University College Malaysia


Ying Chen Wei

MBA Student, Lincoln University College Malaysia


Zhang Jin

MBA Student, Lincoln University College Malaysia


Mei Qiantao

MBA Student, Lincoln University College Malaysia



There are currently challenges facing the electronic information industry’s foundry production companies that must be overcome in order to help them transition to socialized and specialized logistics, extend the logistics industry chain and value chain, and further improve logistics informationization, networking and intelligence based on supply chain management. The purpose of this article is to increase the market competitiveness of S Company, a notebook computer manufacturing company, and to enhance its logistics management and service skills.

This paper uses the methods of literature research, case study, interview, and SWOT analysis to explain the industry environment, SWOT analysis, Porter’s “Five Forces Model,” operation status and problems, and management ability improvement measures based on the case scenario of S Company, guided by research on logistics management problems of S Company. The problems of S company in sales logistics are found with the fishbone diagram analysis method, such as weak information technology links, untimely communication between carrier and customs broker, poor market response, and imprecise logistics process of delivery, low logistics efficiency and low logistics timeliness.

Summary: based on supply chain management, the research results on improving S Company’s logistical management capability have important practical guidance value for improving S Company’s logistics management and customer service capability, and have theoretical significance and reference value for logistics management of related manufacturing enterprises.

Keywords: Electronic Manufacturing; Supply Chain Management; Processing trade; Logistics process; logistics service