Received: 24.08.2021; Revised: 30.09.2021, Accepted: 06.11.2021, Published Online: 30.11.2021

Jacksson Yamil Montoya Asprilla

Universidad Tecnológica del Chocó,

Pablo Pulgar R.

Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana del Estado de Chile,

Fernando David Siles Nates

Universidad Católica de Santa María – Arequipa – Perú,


Mario Oswaldo Siles Neyra

Universidad Católica de Santa María – Arequipa – Perú,


José Efraín Tejada Velásquez

Universidad Católica de Santa María – Arequipa – Perú,

César Sapaico Del Castillo

Universidad Católica de Santa María. Perú,



A documentary review was carried out on the publications registered in the Scopus database, referring to the study of the Teleducation variable during the pandemic generated by COVID-19 and the inequality gaps identified in the Ibero-American countries. In this way, it was possible to determine the main characteristics within the volume of publications in high impact journals indexed in the Scopus database. In the same platform, through the Search tool, certain parameters are established to refine the results and make them constitute support material to arrive at results pertinent to the proposed topic. It is possible to identify 98 documents whose study variables deal with Teleducation, from the perspective of the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications in the educational sector. Among the findings of this research, it is determined that during the year 2021 a total of 64 documents were registered, the Ibero-American country with the highest production was Spain with a total of 34 publications. The area of knowledge with the highest number of contributions was Social Sciences through which 63 documents were managed. Of the total production identified, 85% corresponds to journal articles, this being the type of publication most used in the research on the proposed topic. After analyzing the data organized by means of tables and figures, the study proceeded to a qualitative analysis of examples taken from the same scientific production with the purpose of knowing the position of the different authors of the topic.

Keywords: Covid-19, Inequality, Iberoamerica, Teleducation.