Received: 30.04.2021; Revised: 29.06.2021, Accepted: 28.07.2021, Published Online: 18.08.2021

Professor Hana Abdullah Sulaiman Abu Dawood.


Professor of interpretation and sciences of the Quran.

Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Higher Education

King Abdulaziz University

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Department of Islamic law and Islamic Studies


In the name of Allah


Praise be to Allah who illuminated the hearts of his pious worshipers with the light of his clear book And he made the Quran a healing for what is in the chests, guidance and mercy for the believers, praise be to Allah who sent down a Quran as a guidance to the one who is standing, and blessings and peace be upon the best teachers of mankind and the guide of the nation, our Prophet Muhammad, his family and his

Companions. How many times have we read the Book of Allah? But how many times have we finished it?  What is our faithful outcome and what is the extent of our conversion to the Quran?

Allah said: Can those who had been dead, to whom we gave life and a light with which they can walk among people, be compared to those in complete darkness from which they can never emerge? That is how the misdeeds of the disbelievers have been made appealing to them. [Al-Annam: 122] This light that Allah made for the believer to illuminates the path of life. And you are a legendary reader Have you ever thought to what extent do I relate to the Holy Quran and contemplate it?


An invitation to live with Quran

Reviving the meanings of the Holy Quran in the souls and transforming it into a living, movable reality and encouraging the next generation of the youth of the Islamic nation to compete in memorizing the Holy Quran in their chests. The emergence of its impact on their minds and morals is one of the most important goals that educators seek today. Thanks to Allah, his first steps are productive. Which heralds a bright future and a promising future in the Book of Allah? It is the source of true happiness and life for all human beings

The Quran is a book of guidance; reciting and memorizing the Quran are two means to achieve understanding and contemplation. And this nation will not be fixed in its last except by what the first of it is fixed with, and that is why the Prophet taught us that the surviving group is the one who was as he is and his companions.