Challenges Faced By Juveniles In Rehabilitation Centers: A Case Study of Rawalpindi


Dr.Irfan Mahmood

Assistant Professor Janjua, Department of Sociology, PMAS, Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi


Faiza Parveen

Ph.D Scholar Department of Sociology PMAS, Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi


Dr. Muhammad Atif

Project Director, Planning and Monitoring Unit, Ministry of Human Rights, Islamabad


Dr.Abdul Rasheed

visiting faculty member in PMAS, Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi


abstract. Juvenile Delinquency is one of the serious problems where almost all the societies of the world are facing including Pakistan, by which most of the children ruin their lives. The primary objective of this study was to examine the difficulties and obstacles encountered by juveniles within rehabilitation centers located in Rawalpindi. This research also focused on the perception of the juveniles struggle before entering the juvenile detention system,  their  experiences within a rehabilitation centers , and the juveniles’ future plans. Qualitative method using a case study was employed. Researcher conducted this study with a sample of  (n=10) respondents currently enrolled in rehab centers by using purposive sampling techniques. All the respondents were males. Participants ages ranges from 10 to 16. The selection of participants was based on their possession of relevant knowledge, their consent, willingness, and ability to provide essential information for the study. To collect the required data, a semi-structured interview approach was utilized. All interviews were recorded using mobile phones in two distinct phases.  In First Phase, four interviews were conducted and themes were drawn from them and rest six interviews  were conducted in second Phase . The recorded interviews were transcribed, and the resulting transcripts were thoroughly reviewed multiple times. Initial notes were taken, and fundamental recurring themes were identified during this process. From the findings, it is concluded that there are number of socio-cultural factors such as broken families, carelessness of parents, domestic violence, Parental neglect, poverty and family background are the root causes of children in the rehabilitation centers and children are facing problems of admission process, inadequate training materials, inadequate supply of basic necessities like shampoo and soap,  overcrowded rooms, mental and emotional challenges,  bullying by senior inmates, not getting chance to connect to their parents, counseling and guidance problems.

Key words: Juveniles, Delinquency , Rehabilitation