Dunia Khalid Jabaar AL-Mohammedawi

Tikrit University/ College of Art/ Translation Department


Prof. Dr. Ali Sulaiman I. AL- Dulaimi 

Tikrit University/ College of Art / Translation Department



One of the most challenging duties in the translation industry is idiom translation. Idioms have value in the business world because of their significance. This study discusses the main difficulties encountered by translators of business idioms from English to Arabic as well as the most efficient strategies they can use to convey the idiom’s correct meaning in a way that readers or speakers of the target language can understand.

This study aims at showing idioms notion , kinds of idioms , characteristics of idioms , problems of translating idioms , importance and idioms and relevant terms . Also it focus of business idioms and   business idioms   in advertisements . At tge end of this study  , Similarities between Arabic and English idioms will be provided .

This study suggests that the corporate world is significantly impacted by business idioms. One’s ability to use business language effectively and comprehend the meaning of diverse terms are highly dependent on one another.

As for practical side of the this study, 2 Business idiom taken from the internet will be analyze according to Larson’s Strategies of translation as a translation model whether they are accuracy or clarity.

As for linguistic model , the model of Fernando and Flavell will be adopted whether they are literal , metaphor of full-idiom .

Statement of the problem

Translators face many problems in translating idioms because idioms have a special traits which make its translation challenging and business language is not easy to translate .

Aims of the study

This study aims to show idiom notion , identifying business idiom and showing its role in business world , locates difficulties and discussing the strategies of translating business idiom  .