Eng. Esraa Hatem Amin Ali

Prof. Noman Hussein Attia Aljubouri


By focusing on presenting, analyzing and determining the type and size of the development qualifications available in Nineveh Governorate, with an indication of their spatial distribution and their economic and industrial importance, and how to invest them in the direction of achieving industrial development within the economically backward areas of the governorate and analyzing the existing reality of manufacturing industrial activity in Nineveh Governorate, with determining the level of efficiency Economic activities of industrial activities, and the extent of their impact on the spatial trends of industrial development within the various regions of the province. In addition to determining the future geographical directions of industrial development, with the aim of contributing to the development of economically backward areas. The problem of the study lies in not exploiting the spatial dimension that Nineveh Governorate enjoys. The direction of distributing industrial activities within the economically backward areas, instead of concentrating them within the city of Mosul. This is in line with the pattern of spatial distribution of the available development qualifications within large areas of the governorate, which are still not economically invested. This constituted a major determinant for achieving relatively balanced industrial development within the economically backward areas of the governorate, especially revealing the reality of industrial investments, their spatial trends, what are the geographical possibilities available for industrial investment, and the pattern of distribution of industrial projects in the governorate. In order to achieve what was indicated, and through the results that were reached during this study, we found that Nineveh Governorate is still industrially backward, despite its richness in developmental qualifications that are distributed within large areas of the governorate, as the results of the study indicate that the level of investment of those developmental qualifications , and the settlement and development of economic activities, especially industrial activity is still below the required level, and does not fit at all with the requirements of achieving industrial development within the economically backward areas of Nineveh Governorate, which reflected negatively on the underdevelopment of the economic and social structure of the governorate. This requires the need to identify appropriate development strategies to achieve industrial development within the backward areas of the province

.key words

-Industrial geography

-Stages of industry development