Asan Petrus

Department of Forensic and Medicolegal, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Sumatera Utara, Medan, Indonesia, Email:



Introduction: Victims of child abuse were increased every year, started from 12.285 cases in 2019, then 12.425 cases found in 2020, and increased to 15.972 cases in 2021, which dominated by sexual violence. Child abuse is an act committed by individual to those who are under 18 years old and causes physical and mental problems. Child abuse often occurs in family, usually by parents and/or the other family member, as well as in the school by teacher and even in Islamic boarding school.


Case: An 8 years old girl was reported to have been abused by her stepmother. The victim’s father reported the case to the police and some examinations were carried at the emergency room at the hospital according to the visum request letter.


Result: There were found bruises on the eyelids of both eyes up to the both cheeks and bluish-red bruises on the right earlobe and the right back of the neck. There were also found a wound that has been undergoing a healing process on the right cheek.


Discussion: From the examination, the victim is a child. The age of the wounds was varied, indicating repeated violence. Physically, the victim experienced abusive behaviour which required temporary treatment. The victim was also diagnosed with moderate depression by a psychiatrist which would require specific treatment.


Conclusion: An eight-years-old girl was a victim of blunt trauma with a moderate degree of injury based on the physical assessment.


Keywords: child abuse, blunt trauma