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4,5Management program, Universitas pattimura, Indonesia


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This research analyses the factors that have implications for employee engagement. Dimensions of factors used are culture organization, training & development, job environment, and supervisor relationship. The purpose of the research is to analyse the factors that have implications for employee engagement. The objective of the research was conducted at the application company in Indonesia. The results revealed that four variables had implications for employee engagement. The training & development dimension has the highest implications for employee engagement. A very rapid change of the application technology business in Indonesia needs new ideas and innovations according to market needs. Application companies need training & development programs to anticipate the needs of new competencies for employees. The conclusion is that application companies must pay attention to the application of culture organization, the sustainability of training & development programs, providing a comfortable job environment, and maintaining supervisor relationships with their employees. These four variables are very influential in employee engagement in application companies in Indonesia.

Keywords: Employee Engagement, Training & Development, Job Environment, Supervisor Relationship, Culture Organization