Dr. Ashifa K.M.

Asst. Professor in Social Work, Faculty of  of Health Science, Istanbul Gelisim University

Istanbul – Turkey,



The paper attempts to investigate the psychological and physical risks of social distancing on people. Mental health professionals unanimously agree that the quarantine imposed on more than a billion people around the world because of the Corona virus pandemic is neither easy nor a matter to be underestimated, as it is an exceptional and unprecedented measure that restricts individual freedoms even in democratic areas. This situation causes psychological problems for many people, especially for those who fail to deal positively with this issue. Being confined between the walls of the home for several days or weeks as a result of the quarantine is unusual for the general public except in exceptional circumstances, which in many cases causes severe psychological effects, requiring follow-up and treatment by specialists. The methodology used in this study is descriptive field study, which implements multi-disciplinary approach. A questionnaire is administered among professionals to explore the impact of social distancing on their life.

Key words: social distancing, coronavirus, psychological and physical risks, anxiety, tension.