Dr. Mohd Faisal

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Mehfooz Zaki

Research Scholar at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. Email:



The world of commerce faces a dynamic business environment that changes every year and is expected to see more changes in the future. During the last decade, the retail sector has encountered several changes mainly caused by the advancement in technology that allows and helps customers to buy products either from the online or offline retail market or from both. The first and foremost aim of every business is to satisfy its customers by providing quality products and services at reasonable prices with easy accessibility of the products. Thus business management operating either in B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer) must equip themselves with an efficient and vibrant supply chain so as to achieve the desired result of expanding their scale of operations. This paper is an attempt to analyse the evolution of omni-channel supply chain management in the retail business. The paper starts with the introduction followed by examining the transformation of shopping in retail business from single supply chain to omni-channel. The section of the paper highlighted the trend’s importance of online shopping in advanced European countries and in India as well. The third section of the article discusses the influence of aggregating facilities and stocks on supply chain logistics costs. The fourth portion discusses how omni-channel can be implemented in supply chain management in retail. Finally, the paper ends with the conclusion

Keywords: brick-and-mortar stores, single-channel, multi-channel, Omni-channel, supply chain management, e-commerce