Jumi Das

M.Phil Research Scholar, Department of Assamese, Gauhati University, Assam, India

Email: jumi2020das@gmail.com


Dwipshikha Roy

M.Phil Research Scholar, Department of Assamese, Gauhati University, Assam, India

Email: dwiptuli@gmail.com



The modern Assamese literature took birth in 19th century. Shedding tradition this new form of literature found its foundation on the basis of western influence. Among the various fields in literature, novel has been regarded as one of the creative phenomenon. So, among the various art of literature novel has been regarded as easily understandable. Generally through a novel readers get to know about the entirety of human life as well as day to day happenings and the skin deep concept of spiritual life. Moreover, subject matter and storyline are regarded as two main resources of a novel. The subject matter that gets reflected in a novel carries the meaning of the novel. From the starting of Arunodoi era till present, novel has traversed a continuous journey taking various subject matters into consideration.  From earlier times among the various subject matters in novels nationalist consciousness got special importance. Rita Chowdhury is one of the many novelists dwelling upon nationalist consciousness in Assamese literature scenario. Nationalist consciousness has found prominence in many of her novels. The nationalist consciousness portrays a self-centered mindset as well as unity among the general mass and affection towards own motherland. Therefore this research paper will try to discuss the way attraction towards nationalist sentiment and self- centered mindset has been dwelled upon in the novel “Abirata Jatra” written by Rita Chowdhury.

Key words: Novel, nationalist consciousness, existence, heritage, subject matter