Abu Sayad Rofi

M.A. in English ,Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Email- Sayad94.as@gmail.com


Abstract: Women, the receptive part of universal energy is generally categorized as calmer and more patient unlike its counterpart ‘men’. Therefore, they have been getting domination for ages and regards as the ‘second sex’ in social hierarchy. the adaptive nature of women compels them to live under the shade of men and the women themselves begin to train the fellow girl child of younger generation to accept the life of inferior rank to man. In the process the women of older generation run stubborn, rude and cruel practices to the younger generation. Moreover, they prove themselves to be the tyrant ruler over the child, the process can literally classified as ‘Medusa complex’, where a woman stands against a woman. The prominent English writer from Northeast India, Easterine Kire present such an abusive and denigratory relationship of a grandmother and a grand-daughter in her book A Terrible Matriarchy. In the book she presented a completely different scenario of domestic violence in an unconventional way and in the Naga community of the Indian countryside. The character of woman is presented as mother earth for her nature of acceptance, but Kire has explored a rare dimension of domestic violence that became a miniature presentation of the Indian society and of the hill people in particular.

Key words: patriarchy, matriarchy, domination, domestic violence and second sex.