Mansoor Khan

Lecturer, KUST, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa mansoor@kust.edu.pk


Akbar Ali

Department of English, FATA University, Kohat, KP, Pakistan


Fawad Khan

Lecture, Department of English Riphah International University Pakistan


Syed Attia Bibi

Visiting Lecturer, Department of English, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan


Hammad Irshad

Mphil Scholar, Department of English, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan


Language is a wide phenomenon and its usage is even wider. The term “discourse” refers to anything written or spoken under the normal usage of language.  Surface meanings are always different from real meanings and discourse aims to bring forth how speech patterns are working in a particular framework and how are they being utilized in society. In this study, the researcher has applied CDA on the speech of General Raheel Sharif Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan, which was delivered on Defense Day, 2016 in Rawalpindi. In the light of Fairclough three dimensional models which are Description, Interpretation, and Explanation (1998)  the researcher has critically analyzed the speech of General Raheel Sharif’s i.e. linguistically and textually. The findings of the speech analysis have shown that using a different style differently uses linguistics expressions in his speech to persuade the audience. General, Raheel Sharif makes his speech more fruitful, interesting, and beneficial for the development of his country. General Raheel Sharif supports the war on terror that the war against terrorism must be fought comprehensively, with vision and understanding. There was an obvious message for all of the external forces that have been a threat to the survival of Pakistan. Zarb-e-Azb has been mentioned because it is a military operation that ended with so many regional and country-wise successes. He also paid tribute to all of the citizens and military, police, rangers, and other institution which played a great role n eradicating all such problems and thus making each and everything possible and making the possible peace and stability within the region. He presented the cause of Kashmir very intellectually in his speech and drew the attention of the international community to the cause of Kashmir. The main theme of the speech is “peace, security, Human Rights, development, equality and good governance” for the development of Pakistan.

Keywords: CDA. Speech of Raheel Sharif. Dair Clough Model. Linguistic Analysis.