Francisco Reluz Barturén

Señor de Sipan University S.A.C. -Peru,

Charlemagne Sancho Noriega

Pedro Ruiz Gallo National University-Peru,

Santiago Sevilla-Vallejo

University of Salamanca,

Rosa Gonzales Llontop

Pedro Ruiz Gallo National University-Peru,


Johanna E lenaSanta-Cruz Arevalo

National Frontier University-Peru,

River Chávez Santos

National University Toribio Rodriguez de Mendoza-Peru,


Abel Dionicio Ballena de la Cruz

7Pedro Ruiz Gallo National University-Peru,



The article seeks to clarify the concepts involved in research methodology in education from an epistemological foundation. The method used is semantic and epistemological analysis of the concepts widely used in bibliographic resources on research methodology in social sciences, particularly in education, since it was found that, in the bibliographies on research methodology published in Spanish there is an indistinct use of the main concepts involved in the research process, such as approaches, paradigms, methods and research designs, among others, bringing equivocal understandings, ambiguous meanings and confusing applications of those who do research arising communication complications. It concludes with a proposal for conceptual clarification that allows a comprehensive standardization of the use and meaning of the most commonly used research terms in social science research methodology.

Keywords: Research Methodology, History of Educational Research, Research Epistemology, Scientific Method, Semantic Analysis.