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The purpose of this research paper is to investigate the adoptive impact on e-banking loyalty through
the influence of using e-banking applications with privacy and security, customer satisfaction and
reliability for online customers. A simple random sampling technique was deployed to collate a sample
population from 400 e-banking facility-user customers. The demographic characteristics (including
age, gender, marital status, preferred banking choice, etc.) alongside 17-items Likert scale
questionnaire (close-ended) was designed to collect the data. Entirely, the data has been processed on
IBM SPSS statistics version-24, Hayes process software, and AMOS version-24. The results validated
that the adoption private and secure, customer satisfactory and reliable e-banking services can have a
positive impact on customers to stay loyal. A highly significant correlation was demonstrated between
different factors. The findings have implications for associated practitioners who should consider the
factors under consideration before having to use the customers online e-banking applications. This
research contributes to the existing literature by modifying new aspects that influence e-banking
services. The research further makes imperative recommendations towards heightening the current ebanking service delivery through augmented e-service factors.
Keywords: Privacy and security; customer satisfaction; reliability; e-banking loyalty, e-services